Of a Note in a Cosmic Song – Part Two: SJilai by Nōnen Títi


Continuing on from Part One Djar, the colonists travel through space to a new home.

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SJilai, meaning destiny, is the spacekabin that will carry the colonists from DJar to their new home planet.
It’s a luxurious transport, the fastest ship the Bijari have ever built – designed as an inverted planet with ‘real’ daylight, artificial plants to produce their food, and three miniature cities on the inner shell of the massive hull.
And yet, the whole thing is no more than a speck travelling at breakneck speeds through space.

For Aryan, the pilot, this is the greatest adventure of his life, but for Daili and Benjamar, four years of mediating between passengers will prove to be just as challenging.



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