The Second Coming by Keith Fenwick (Book 2 of the Skidian Chronicles)

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In the wake of an apocalypse on his planet caused by a malfunctioning computer charged with making Skidian life as easy as possible, Myfair accidentally stumbles upon Earth, violating American airspace and instigating a dogfight in the process, forcing him to find a place to land. A secured military base is as good a place as any, wouldn’t you think?

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Welcome to Skid the most technically sophisticated and powerful civilisation in the known universe.

The Second Coming follows the first novel where our unlikely protagonists were kidnapped by a desperate food research team from the Planet Skid. The researchers were on a mission to locate expertise to assist them in developing organic food sources to feed their people as their planet’s synthetic food production systems had begun to fail. The Skidian team had selected a team of experts at random without understanding the expertise that they required to achieve their objectives. However, more by good luck than good management, they stumbled on someone who could generate new food production systems.
Faced with a choice between maintaining the Skidian Way and perhaps saving a good number of Skidians from certain death, the hereditary rulers chose the former and hoped for a miracle to deliver them from mass starvation and the end of the Skid as they knew it. The offworlders have been returned home after undergoing a partially successful memory wipe and Skid is slowly recovering from the disaster that; but all is not as it seems.


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