Sun Touched by J.C. Hart

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On the distant planet of Diamura, the rays of the sun can send the human colonists insane. Madea is a scientist and daughter of one of the colony leaders, who discovers that there is more to the ‘madness’ than first appears.

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Madea knows the price that must be paid when Diamara’s harsh sun leaves you Touched: you are Hollowed, your inner self stripped away, leaving a mindless shell. As aide to the brilliant Sullivan, Madea has assisted at a few of these procedures, but it’s not until she witnesses the Hollowing of a young woman much like herself that Madea begins to question the ethics of their work.

Caught in a struggle she didn’t know existed, Madea finds herself pregnant and over-exposed. She doesn’t know how long until the madness sets in, but she does know what it will mean for her and her unborn child. No life at all.

Madea must turn from those who would Hollow her—friends, family, lover—as well as the protective rules she has clung to her whole life, to the enigmatic stranger, Garrett. He is the only one who can help her now, but he might also be the one who made her Touched to begin with.


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