The Crucible: Changels Genesis Part Six by Peter King

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Over six novel length parts, Changels Genesis is a new kind of YA story, a science fiction action-adventure in a contemporary setting. Its about the origins of the Changels – six minority psychic teens from all over the world, empowered to teleport into the world’s most dangerous places to safeguard other teens who, in the future, will prevent a terrible war. It’s a fictional adventure story with mystery and romance but a core of non-fiction truth. Changels Genesis explores real world themes of genetic inheritance, prejudice and genocide mixing fact and fantasy such that, at times, it’s hard to tell the difference.

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As the community attempts to close down the mystery of the Renwick fire and resettle on Earth their enemies move quickly capture them. Only when it becomes clear they are planning to release a deadly a influenza epidemic do the Changels realise flight is not an option. Everyone, including Sue, must commit everything to prevent a massive plague. But that means a fight some will not survive.


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