The Dogs of Kali by David R. Taylor

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Muhammad, a warrior king from the 13th century, has stolen a time key and is hell bent on world domination.

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Muhammad’s tampering with time, the building blocks of the universe, has awakened Kali, the goddess of death attended by her dogs of destruction. Maharishi Ananda knows of one man who can stop Muhammad, a young university student from New Zealand, John Bergman.
Can John, assisted by Sati a young Indian woman, re-discover his former power as the time lord from the 13th century and stop Muhammad?

Historic characters from India’s past, desert raids, train journeys across India, an ancient city that disappears, a universe on the brink of chaos, a goddess of death and her dogs of destruction. A fantasy thriller, remarkable characters and really a great read.

“The quiet of the desert became suddenly mutilated by an infection of sounds: thin piping voices that whispered shrilly into the ether, vague disjointed suggestions of horrifying death, secrets of torment, of eternal suffering, plagues, the death of loved ones and then gradually, building in volume, the fatal accompaniment by this chorus of spiteful harpies to the howls of demented harbingers from hell, the urgent scratching of claws on the harsh earth and eternally ravenous mouths that wished only to tear and devour and empty the Earth of its inhabitants.”


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