The Failed Species by Lance Broughton


After a treble bypass heart operation, Leech realises that he is no longer invincible and is doomed to die in a few short years. Thus he comprehends that mankind has a limited life span because of its increasing level of stupidity.

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Humans seem to be the only species on planet Earth that thinks it is impregnable, and will survive for the inevitable forever and three days. His high intelligence gets his mind into top gear and he converses with a strange creature called Powerdip, who arranges mind-bending trips to teach him the reality of life in numerous universes.

His king-sized long-term Maori lady companion, Lyndia, accompanies him much of the time. But her memory of universe trotting is deliberately erased from her equally intelligent mind to suit Leech’s reasoning.

As to be expected, the unexpected happens unexpectedly and causes him intensified mental trauma. To hasten the inevitable, he decides to create the world record for the longest drinking himself to death session. Powerdip is watching from afar and arranges matters to suit his own perceptions. Thank God the inevitable will inevitably happen.

The Failed Species offers a mind-bending fantasy trip through the universe that is blended with true events.


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