The Library of Unfinished Business by Patricia Bell

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Maurice, a small-town librarian, dies one Monday morning in a fiery car crash. Finding himself in a very unexpected afterlife, he befriends Kit, who knows more than he should about Heaven – and about Maurice’s life on Earth.

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Meanwhile, Maurice’s daughter Andy struggles to come to terms with the death of her ineffectual father. Tasked with preparing his eulogy, she starts writing letters to him, trying to make sense of her family’s history.

As Andy comes closer to discovering a long-hidden secret, Maurice and Kit uncover a terrifying heavenly plot, and for the first time ever Maurice must decide: will he stand and fight for something…or risk losing everything?

The Library of Unfinished Business is the story of a sad and disillusioned man who searches for the courage to transform his life—even after it has ended—and of a daughter who learns that her father’s love is mighty beyond imagining. It’s about the magic of storytelling, the importance of living bravely, and the power of love to triumph, even over death.


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