The Sampler by D. A. Howe


A captivating collection of nine delectable dark short stories.

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The Sampler – Chocolate turns out to be the perfect weapon of choice for a woman seeking revenge.

Cessation – A committed smoker finds himself the reluctant subject of a health-conscious curse.

Oubliette – Janine’s abusive mother has to live somewhere. The basement will do just fine.

Sparrows – Homeowner versus tiny bird. What could go wrong?

The Interview – A serial killer’s personality makes him the ideal job candidate.

Smother – A long-suffering employee discovers a way to silence his bullying boss.

Crabs in a Bucket – An Australian businesswoman and a French chemist find themselves on the wrong side of revolutionary furor.

Bullies get what they deserve. Privilege has its price. Someone is about to meet the unexpected and unintended consequence of their actions.


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