Valley of the Voodons by John Reynolds


The citizens on the planet Zandrus are happy. It is evening and they are completing the preparations for the coronation of Princess Kimnos on the following day. Suddenly the city square is plunged into darkness.

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Suddenly, the city square is plunged into darkness. When the lights are turned on again, the terrified citizens discover that the Princess and her brother Prince Darnos have been captured by the Voodons; evil creatures that live in the valley outside the city walls. Fearful of their powers, none of the citizens is prepared to form a rescue party.

When two intergalactic musicians, Stellar and Astrid, approach the city gates, they are initially mistaken as Voodons. On hearing of the situation, the musicians volunteer to enter the Valley of the Voodons and rescue the royal pair. The Zandrusites protest, but Stellar shows them her powerful wrist computer named STINC.

In Voodon Stadium, Baron Wastes unveils The Destructor, that creates magdonite from tree trunks that are crushed by the machine’s mechanical arms. Magdonite is a deadly substance that can wipe out towns and cities.

Will the musicians rescue the Prince and Princess? Will help come in time to stop Baron Wastes lethal plan?


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