The Vault by Jean Gilbert (A Vault Agency Novel Book 3)


The hunt has started.
The prey is on the run.

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Something is wrong with the Vault. Trouble is brewing between longtime partners, and it is only getting worse. If Lazarus, the Head Director, doesn’t figure out how to relieve the tension soon, his worst fear-that of mutiny-may become a reality.

Then there is Sharra Lane’s brother, Greyson. With her agrylium discs repaired, Sharra sets out to her past timeline to look for clues as to the origin of her brother’s aggressive behavior, only to discover that Greyson’s obsessive desire to destroy her runs deeper than she had thought possible.

When Sharra and the Vault team set out to stop Greyson, little do they know that their ‘interference’ will put in motion a wheel of events that will not only set her past on its fixed course, but ultimately, drive the future of the Vault to an unimaginable end.


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