The Atlantic Affair by Gary Paul Stephenson (A Charles Langham Novel Book 2)


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A loner receives instruction to collect a newly imported car and drive it to a specific street by a certain time with very precise instructions on initiating the car alarm. He follows them exactly. His last ever act. The British Prime Minister activates the Cobra room and initiates martial law. United States President Johnson sends aid in the form of two aircraft carriers plus his Presidential army headed by Thomas. After their first Sumatran tiger release, Langham and his group are attacked by paramilitaries with worrying consequences. Axmann transfers from his submarine to a freighter, taking his sinister package with him and heads up the St Lawrence Seaway and makes his way to Yellowstone National Park………….


The Angel Strikes: Powerful Fiction & Environmental Sustainability Collide – in Gripping, Timely Series

Meticulously researched and masterfully crafted by Gary Paul Stephenson, the first two volumes in the ‘Charles Langham’ series follow the exploits of an environmental outlaw who will stop at nothing, even if it means defeating and destroying world powers, to save his planet from needless destruction. Both ‘The Pacific Affair’ and ‘The Atlantic Affair’ are the product of hundreds of hours of research into the environment. In fact, one critic recently wrote, “Political and environmental issues… sounds difficult topic to read, but this book was great! Easy to read and understand. Can’t wait the next adventure of Charles Langham!”.


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