Bad Chillies by Blair Polly


A parent’s worst nightmare. A child is abducted and the parents pay a large ransom, but instead of getting their son back, the sadistic kidnapper sends a gift in a chilli jar.

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A fast-paced crime thriller with a chilling ending you won’t expect.

When a young boy is abducted, his parents pay a huge ransom, following the kidnapper’s instructions to the letter. But instead of getting their son back, they receive a chilli jar containing one of his fingers and a note demanding more money. Realizing their mistake, they do what they should have done in the first place, they call the police.

Wellington detectives, Chris Spacey and Andy Thompson, get lucky and catch the sadistic kidnapper, but after the kidnapper escapes from prison, more children disappear and a desperate hunt begins. Will police find the children before they are brutalised, or will someone take the law into their own hands?

Set in Wellington, New Zealand over a period of one grueling week, Bad Chillies tells a story about a darker side of human nature. It also illustrates how some parents don’t know their children quite as well as they think they do.

(Warning: contains graphic violence)


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