Girl From The Tree House by Gudrun Frerichs


you can run but you can’t hide … other than within yourself.

Elizabeth, a woman diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, grabs the opportunity to escape abuse when her husband unexpectedly dies.

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Hidden away in New Zealand’s wild West Coast she plans to start a new life. She didn’t expect that monsters from her past still had her on their radar. When the police accuse her of a murder she has to run again.
Where to go, which way to turn?
Can she trust her neighbor Scott who’d become a good friend? Can she trust anyone?
Can she trust herself…or is everything lost?

The GIRL FROM THE TREE HOUSE is the first of a series of psychological thrillers set in current-day New Zealand. It describes how Elizabeth, a thirty-two-year-old woman with multiple personalities (Dissociative Identity Disorder, DID), fights for her sanity and freedom. Four core personalities tell the story from the inside out, giving a touching insight into the workings of the dissociated mind. There are no graphic descriptions of abuse.

Psychological Thriller – GIRL FROM THE TREEHOUSE was a finalist of the prestigious NGAIO MARSH awards 2020 for best novel.

…I was enthralled by the unfolding story of the Tribe and their escape to hopefully a safe life. This is an outstanding story of the experience of someone who has had extreme childhood abuse and how they live their life with this… Sue Beresford, Goodreads

This is a vivid, convoluted, really interesting story that hooked me fast and kept me reading keenly. What a ride! I knew virtually nothing about people with multiple personalities, but I know a lot more now. Five stars for great storytelling. What a funny gorgeous voice the author has. –  Kris Pearson, Amazon


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