Into the Shade by Paul W Feenstra


In 1914 Sarajevo, radical terrorists are plotting to assassinate visiting Austrian royalty. Their plan has disastrous consequences and ultimately leads to the outbreak of WWI. One of the insurgents, a Roman Catholic priest, flees the Balkans and is pursued relentlessly by Austrian military intelligence. No stone is left unturned as the Austrian Emperor instructs his people to hunt the fugitive priest with strict orders to kill him.

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The elusive priest escapes to Italy when a freak accident interferes with his clever plan, and he seeks protection in a country villa under the care of an unsuspecting widow. While recovering, the priest is conflicted over his violent and secretive past and a growing attraction for his alluring hostess.
The chance involvement of the British Secret Service causes significant disruption to Austria’s efforts to locate the missing terrorist, and they respond violently with torture, sabotage and kidnapping. How will the Secret Service respond and recover what they’ve lost? Can the priest overcome his guilt, evade his determined hunters, or will the beautiful signora bring about his ultimate downfall?

Not for the faint-hearted, Into the Shade is meticulously researched and portrays an accurate picture into what would become a horrific world war. Full of unexpected twists and turns, Into the Shade is a page-turning, action-packed mystery of heartache and intrigue.


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