Land of the First Sun by David R. Taylor


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

A saga of spies, terrorists, air and ground battles in Afghanistan, submarines in the pacific.

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The timely discovery of a secret agent by Detective Chief Inspector Pascoe, leads to the destruction of the Taliban army in their efforts to rule Afghanistan and the subsequent death of the terrorist mastermind.

Peace at last in New Zealand, but not yet. The young woman who gave Pascoe his first lead, discovers Father Christmas dead in a locker room and she recognises a new Santa Claus surrounded by hundreds of kids and adults, with murder in her eyes and bombs strapped to her gut.

Can she and Sargent Les Mullins stop Angela, the angel of death from perpetrating New Zealand’s biggest tragedy on Christmas Eve.

Suspense and high action up the last page.


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