Running Towards Danger by Tina Clough

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When Karen’s flat-mate Nick is gunned down in front of her in the street her life is turned upside-down. Everything she thought she knew about him turns out to be a lie.

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Long-listed for the 2016 Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel 

Karen becomes a suspect in the police investigation and drug bosses think she knows where Nick has hidden a large sum of money. When her life is threatened she decides to leave Auckland and disappear.
Karen becomes Cara and creates an anonymous existence in a small community in Hawke’s Bay. She changes her appearance, severs all links to her past and adopts a cash-based way of life that leaves no electronic traces.

But despite her careful planning danger still stalks her and she is forced to make dramatic choices in the face of threats and brutal violence. Can she trust the man she is attracted to or has he been sent by the killers to gain her confidence and find the money they believe she has?

When Cara becomes the reluctant hero in a river rescue the media attention threatens her safe existence and she needs all the ingenuity and courage she can muster. Dramatic events test her to the limits of her endurance, her life hangs in the balance and every decision is crucial.

Drawing on physical courage and strength of mind that she did not know she possessed she stands up to extreme danger and terrifying violence. She discovers that she is capable of deciding to kill to protect an innocent person from being murdered and comes to terms with what she has learnt about herself.


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