The Armageddon Shadow by Lee Pletzers

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Darian Farmer crawls out of darkness carrying an infection that brings people under his control, releasing their dark side to run amoke. It is a gift from the darkest shadow in Hades. And it will come into play in the deadliest battle between good and evil.

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Fans of Cronin, King and Mark Tufo will love the dark atmosphere of The Armageddon Shadow and the horror that follows.

Darian Farmer is a peaceful man. All he wants to do is plough his field and hope the crops keep his family fed. It’s been a bad year and in desperation his wife and son have gone into town in the hopes of finding a good deal to trade. Instead they are accused of theft and sentenced to die. Learning of this, Darian takes a friend’s sword and attacks but it is not enough to stop the slaughter of those he holds dear. This one act will change the course of his life and bring forth a leader who will drive an army into the bowels of hell for vengeance.

Mankind is about to undergo the next evolutionary step.
2007: Agent Baxter continues his pursuit of the entity, Darkness. It has become his main focus in life. Everything else, including his feelings for fellow agent Susan Temple are in the back seat. But failure is a constant companion, regardless of their tactics, their prey always eludes them.

Darian, known as Darkness has continued to build his army in this new world. But this time he has something extra for them: an infection from the bowels of Hell. A virus that will take them to the next step in evolution.

1 review for The Armageddon Shadow by Lee Pletzers

  1. Margaret C.

    Gripping read, loved it.
    This was initially a good vs evil story. However, it got difficult to tell who the bad side were when the reasons for Darian (the main character) turning to the dark side became apparent. Good guys don’t usually kill children and line up to take sexual advantage of wives… From that point on, I was far more ambivalent as to whom I was supporting. Perhaps it could be compared to A Tale of Two Cities, where through his writing, Dickens posed the question of whether the evil (monarchy) was replaced by a regime possibly just as bad.
    However, great read, couldn’t put it down at times (almost made me late to work).

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