Aceh Revives by Dr. Noel Trustrum


Celebrating the amazing spirit, resilience and achievements in Aceh, Indonesia since the devastating earthquake and tsunami of 2004 that decimated so many coastal communities.

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The photographer, Dr Noel Trustrum had the opportunity to work alongside the many people and organisations that contributed to the relief, recovery and rehabilitation efforts in Aceh directly after the tsunami, and has since returned to further document the recovery.
More than 230,000 people were killed in 14 countries. Indonesia, and particularly the province of Aceh in Sumatra, was one of the worst hit. More than 170,000 lives were lost and half a million of the province’s population of 4.5 million were left homeless.  The tsunami washed away hundreds of kilometres of roads and destroyed 120 bridges.

The bravery of the local people, many of whom lost their entire families and belongings, left such a strong impression with Noel that he published a small book “SCARS: Life after the Aceh Tsunami”, featuring a time-sequence of photographs depicting landscapes, people and the journey from desolation to recovery during a nine month period following the Tsunami. Noel and his team have researched a number of powerful untold stories and interviewed key people involved in the recovery process for this photo book highlighting the resilience of the people and lessons learnt.

Approx. 130 full colour images


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