Because I Could by Alison Bradley


‘My 2,800 mile run across America’

I’ve never been one to follow the path of the ‘norm’ and in 2013 I took that quite literally. I set myself a challenge, a challenge that everyone else deemed crazy, but, once I have decided on a goal I won’t feel complete until it has been accomplished. That is how on May 6th, 2013, I found myself on the steps of City Hall New York about to run two marathons a day for more than two months to see if I could make it to LA.

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This is the story of my journey. “We live in a world so controlled by rules, regulations and expectations on how a person should be living their life that we forget that the reason humans have even survived, discovered and conquered the earth is because of our ability to adapt and our inner urge to explore.

We come from an ancestry of adventurers and discoverers. Not just those who literally went out to find new lands, but also those who went out to find ways to live in them. Throughout history mankind has thrived because there have been those who are willing to break routine and try something different. All it takes is for one person to open their mind, and look past the walls of society’s regulations that are trapping us in.”


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