Blame It On Abba by Lisa Nimmo

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How I ditched my day job to chase a childhood dream

Do you have a dream waiting to be brought to life?
Lisa Nimmo did, and this daring musical adventure is proof that it’s never too late to follow your heart, reinvent yourself and become the person you were born to be.

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With no prior music experience and armed with only her business savvy and determination, 32-year-old Lisa embarks on a bold quest to transform herself from closet-karaoke-singing salesperson to professional singer.

Six years on she’s a mother, a recording artist and her band Pearl shares the stage with Sir Elton John and Eric Clapton. She is living the dream. But what if this life, that she’s worked so hard to create, isn’t the life she wants now? What if it has all been a terrible mistake?

Blame It On Abba is an uplifting story of courage, triumph and self-discovery and a revealing, behind the scenes insight into the music industry from a founding member of NZ pop-rock duo Pearl.

Contains practical advice, inspiration and truths for musicians, artists and anyone wanting to make a living from their art.

“ Compelling reading, huge heart, actual honesty. A great story. A real story.” Simon Sweetman, Off The Tracks


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