Bridging the Centuries by Valerie Cowan


Five New Zealanders, born 1896 to 1899, talk about their lives.

Whoever would have thought it?
That I’d have lived over three centuries?

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The five New Zealanders featured in this book have done just that. They have lived through truly massive changes, more than the world has seen before.

Bridging the Centuries lets them tell their life stories in their own words – in fresh, immediate language which so strikingly brings the past alive. All had to leave school early, but here, with courage and laughter, they re-live situations which now seem almost unbelievable, except that they really did happen.

Ingelby Morrison – 103 on New Year’s Day 2000.
Max Bishop – born in 1987, survived all manner of perils.
Edith Baird – born 1896 into a family with little to come and go on.
Ron White – born 1899 and the youngest of five, takes of working unbelievably hard.
Janet Fulton Frame – born 1897, and still sinds satisfaction re-living life as a domestic servant.


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