HMNZS Black Prince 1946-1959 by Gerry Wright


In 1946 the New Zealand cruisers Achilles and Gambia were replaced with two Modified Dido class cruisers, Black Prince and Bellona.

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This is the story of Black Prince which in the 1950s cruised to Britain, took part in the largest NATO naval exercise, visited Greece and Turkey and responded to a major Geek earthquake before returning to New Zealand. The cruiser then returned to Britain for Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation and Spithead Fleet Review.
On her return to New Zealand she escorted the Royal Yacht Gothic around New Zealand before taking part in the Battle of the Coral Sea commemoration and Tasmania Centenary celebrations. She was then deployed to South East Asia where her crew excelled on the sports field.
In 1959 Black Prince was finally decommissioned and canniblised to provide spare parts for the Cruiser Royalist before being sold to Japan for scrap.


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