Locate Yourself: Psychological, social, biological, spiritual by Dorothy Simpson


Locate Yourself is a book for healing.
Unpack the stuff that limits you.
Find the stuff that grows you.
Secure your peace of mind, now.
Psychological, social, biological and spiritual.

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Help… I’ve lost my emotional freedom…
I know it’s around here somewhere!

Discover emotional freedom
within these pages!

Humans have a beginning and an end, and the stuff in between. So who are you — a product of all the previous stuff? Dorothy Simpson
explains in easy-to-understand language how the stuff impacts you.
Hurt people unknowingly hurt other people, and this emphasises the roll-on effect of the confusing stuff.

Delivering a fusion of knowledge from psychology, sociology, health care and mysticism — Dorothy shares her story of locating and making peace with her wobbly foundation and finding love, inner
calm and belonging.
Identify and break free of the mind game of “Is it me, or is it them who’s making me feel bad?”
Gain fresh perspectives and self-mastery of your
body and mind.
Find a path to newer, healthier relationships, and
a range of self-care options.


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