So You Want To Write by Joan Rossier-Jones


Second edition of the inspirational and informative So You Want to Write – updated and published in 2018. This book was first published by Tandem Press in 2000.

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The book is based on the authors Creative Writing classes, which have taken place throughout New Zealand and in Australia.

The itching desire to put our thoughts, dreams, experiences and purely creative words on paper lurks within us all and each year thousands of people join creative writing classes to learn the skills and gain the confidence to satisfy this urge.
Joan Rosier-Jones, successful novelist, non-fiction author and teacher, is one of the leading mentors in creative writing and in ‘So you want to Write’ shares her knowledge and depth of experience with you. Based on her successful classes, the book covers a wide range of subjects including, giving yourself permission to write, ways of telling a story, plotting, dialogue, diction, finding your own voice, coping with writers block, editing, getting published, getting support from groups, workshops and organisations. This highly practical and inspirational guide will be a handbook that will be treasured by all aspiring writers.


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