Spirits in the Bathroom by John Roche


A Journey Through Past Lives

2013 John is in China managing the supply of equipment critical to the running of a mining operation. With timelines for delivery approaching the impossible, John’s stress increases. He finds inner peace in a book, How to Know Higher Worlds, Rudolf Steiner’s guide to spiritual awareness.

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Six years later, and still reading the same book, John embarks on a new project: to trace his past reincarnations and those of his partner Sarah. Despite attending numerous workshops and consulting similar books, John’s project stalls. Frustrated and close to giving up, John re-examines his approach to the task. He determines his spiritual project is, in principal, no different to other projects he has managed in the past forty years, and he comes up with an innovative, project-based solution.

What follows is a sometimes profound, oft-times hilarious trip through 1,200 years of past lives. John enlists the support of a group of bathroom-dwelling Higher Beings, who provide direction, wisdom and humour as he careers through the centuries in his quest to find where and when his relationship with Sarah began.


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