The Book of George by Linda Deane


“I am George. This is the story of my new family and how I travelled to Waikanae to find my one true love, the Luscious Calico Goddess, Queen Callie.
My love for her came at the cost of personal freedom and never being able to savour the taste of bacon again.
I’d do it all over for just a few more moments with her.”

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When Sparky took ill, the last thing we needed was another cat.
We’d experienced the heartache of many losses in the past, but Planet Cat had other ideas. George was an independent, travelling cat who had lived life on his own terms. He had not seen eye to eye with his previous humans and, when they acquired a dog, he simply up and left.
It took him eight months to find us, but when he did, he made himself indispensable as my personal protector and gardening assistant. He was a great source of comfort for the short time he was with us, but then he too was recalled by Planet Cat.
Gina was sent to take up his mantle.

This book is a tribute to our beloved George, as well as many other cats who have brought inspiration and joy to the humans they loved during their time on Planet Earth.


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