The Music of Life: Playing with Natural Talents by Nōnen Títi

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A descriptive guide to discovering typenames

Every person is born with a set of natural talents – their psychological type. Ignore these talents and you may find life difficult. Live in harmony with your inner composition and life can be a breeze.

Based on the sixteen different types of people originally described by Carl Jung and Myers-Briggs, this series explains how we are different, why this is unavoidable, and what that means for the way we live together.

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Quickly discover your psychological type or that of somebody you know.

Based on the letter types of Jung and Meyers-Briggs, this book used directed reading to help you understand what makes you special and how you relate to those you love.

Just as with the online tests you can discover your own type, but with the added bonus of getting the explanation in the process. And you can find the type of others, such as your children, parents, friends or colleagues – or your perfect job.


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