Where the F**k is My Mother? by Annie O.


A book for grown-up adoptees.

An adopted child is born on the grave of another family.

A gritty depiction of an adopted girl’s journey into adulthood starting in 1970s New Zealand.

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Annie’s story unearths the dark truths about adoption while shedding light on the fact that it’s not always what it’s made out to be, juxtaposed in this beautifully presented children’s-style book for grown-up adoptees. Her words sit against the raw and evocative illustrations of her half-brother Sparrow Phillips (Component), a prominent New Zealand street artist.

Why must I go to court to gain access to my identity?
Why was it considered necessary to erase my past?
Why are the adopted treated as second-class citizens?
Why are we all repeating this flawed ideology?
Why are only some people considered tabula rasa?


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