Aspiring Light by Robynanne Milford


A book of poems that capture vignettes of Wanaka’s history from pre-European to modern times. Milford has brought to light characters who shaped, explored, named and pioneered the area. Her poetry is informed by her passion for art and music, as well as history.

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Tititea Ma

Inspiration has been collected from many sources, such as the poetry of James K Baxter and Bernadette Hall, the music of Douglas Lilburn, the photographs of Brian Brake, the paintings of John Drawbridge, Rita Angus and others, as well as from the region’s magnificent scenery.

Milford’s careful and thorough research has teased out many true stories which she has immortalized in verse. Of note, a longer poem “Sing My Whispers from the Bed of Lake Wanaka” concerns the death and circumstances of a woman found drowned off Wanaka wharf in 1889.

This book is an emporium of all that Robynanne Milford holds dear in her love affair with Central Otago. She sings songs to the mountains and the rivers. She opens up multiple histories. She calls on composers and artists and poets to join her in what is a very personal journey into a unique part of our country. A place of myth and mystery, where suffering has scoured many a soul, but where dreams may still come true.
Bernadette Hall, 2015


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