Between the Kindling and the Blaze by Ben Brown


Reflections on the concept of mana

A collection of poetry and short prose pieces exploring the concept of mana. Completed on the Michael King Writer’s Centre Māori Writer’s Residency 2011.

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Between the Kindling and the Blaze is a bold exploration of the concept of mana. In resonant poetry and short prose poetry, the author does not seek to define mana but rather to reflect on its myriad nuances. ‘The colour of mana is red they say, from warm sunset tones to bold, vigorous and bloody shades of power and authority, the kaka feather, the dog skin cloak, the ochre of the earth. But where is the white of purity, the certainty of black, the humility of grey? Colour then, will not suffice in the exploration of mana. How can a humble man be proud? Why is the mountain more than a mountain? How does a river flow in my veins and where is the strength in silence? This book is not silent. It cannot be…’

Book comes with a CD.

“With scant collections by Māori writers making an appearance in New Zealand’s poetry scene, this book is an important arrival.” —Paula Green, NZ Poetry Shelf.

“This is a genuine, generous, soulful anthology: warm yourself in front of it.” —Drus Dryden, Bookseller’s NZ Blog.

“This collection is described as a reflection on the concept of mana. It has an authority of its own – it  takes mana to take on such a topic, and Brown establishes quickly that he is the right one to do so.” —Sarah Dunn, Nelson Mail.


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