Practical Spirituality Magazine by Rue Crawford-Hool and Brian Hool


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cover-yellow1aA collection of articles from the magazines on Practical Spirituality, split into 4 sections. This collection was compiled by Rue Crawford-Hool and Brian Hool.

Volume 1 Includes:

How to activate your “Spirit within”
Poems from Spirits
Spiritual Health
Interviews with:
* A Spirit within
* A mortal Heavenly Spirit
* “Mariah” – Alien Spirit

Volume 2 Includes:

Spiritual Health and Healing
More about activation of your “Spirit Within.”
Poems from Spirits
Books channelled from Spirits
Horse Caring

Volume 3 Includes:

Spiritual Relationships
Millennium Man
Cerebral Concrete
Boys, Toys and Noise
Anecdotes from Spirit
A Spirit’s life in the Heavens under the Law of Cause and Effect
Celestial Buffer State
Songs and Poems

Plus much more …


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