You and Me and Cancer Makes Three by John Irvine


A poetic journal of one man’s brush with cancer.

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An uplifting and enduring tale of his journey with Cancer. John held his hands around his own mortality, yet leaves the clinic whole, with much more than he ever expected: he discovers the true meaning of friendship, redemption and hope as told in his poetry.
Discovering he had skin cancer, John Irvine had routine surgery in 2009. However, a few cells had gone feral and radical treatment became necessary. On the advice of his oncologist, he checked in at the Lions Cancer Lodge at Waikato Hospital in New Zealand for five weeks.
In this unique poetic memoir, John Irvine tells his story with wit, honesty and emotion. The friends he makes at Waikato will become your friends; you’ll share frustration and laughter and bittersweet tears.
You and Me and Cancer Makes Three by Pohutukawa Publishing Limited brings well known New Zealand poet and author to the spotlight with needed attention to cancer survivors.


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