The Bumper Book of Lies by Chris Bell


Twenty-four unlikely tales: from science fiction to fantasy with comedy and horror thrown in.

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Fruit-flavoured love; Obeah magic at work on an island paradise; black bedsit comedy; a London club for connoisseurs with an illicit predilection; a dangerous dance in the Israeli desert; one big, one little man made of wood; a disastrous date with two suitors too many; an appointment with Fate in the world’s biggest cemetery; a man obsessed by the female limb; an enchanted mechanical toy programmed to confront our innermost fantasies; three eldritch science fiction trips; a rock ‘n’ roll fantasy on the stairway to heaven; a sack-full of postcards sent from the unexpected depths of a surreal barroom in Nashville, Tennessee; the displaced voice of a Māori misfit; a nightmare glimpse of a world flickering between TV channels…

“Nice production and an attractive, hefty little paperback of 251 pages.”
ELLEN DATLOW, ‘The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror (10th Annual Edition)’

“Bell’s stories fully succeed in their stated intention of being ‘incantation[s] to summon an atmosphere…’”
PAUL DI FILIPPO, writer and critic, On Books, ‘Asimov’s Science Fiction’

“The Bumper Book of Lies is gorgeous! Quite possibly the nicest small press publication we’ve seen in years.”
SALLY McBRIDE, co-editor, ‘TransVersions’ (Canada)

“I was incredibly impressed… For those who enjoy original, creative writing, I highly recommend this book of stories.”
KELLI J. SMITH, editor, ‘Infidels & Popstars’.


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