The Irish Muse by Brian O’Sullivan


An intriguing collection of stories that puts an original twist on foreign and familiar territory. Merging the passion and wit of Irish storytelling with the down-to-earth flavour of contemporary New Zealand.

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This stories include the classic ‘The Irish Muse’, ‘The Ringmaster’s Daughter’ and comic crowd favourite ‘The Morning After’. These stories will thrust you deep into the fascinating lives of:

  • a ringmaster’s daughter who is too implausible to be true — despite all the evidence to the contrary
  • an ageing nightclub gigolo in one last desperate bid to best a younger rival
  • a Wellington consultant whose uncomplicated affair with a public service colleague proves anything but
  • an Irish career woman in London stalked by a mysterious figure from her past
  • a sleep-deprived translator struggling to make sense of bizarre events in a French city.

‘Leannán Sidhe (pronounced Lan-awn Shee) is a fairy or otherworld creature in Irish folklore; a muse that accepts a lover’s affection in return for the ability to create a work of art of immense feeling.


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