Robyn Hood Outlaw Princess by John Reynolds


Robyn Howard, a senior high school student, clashes with Mr Smallfield, her school principal over the role of women in history.

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Upset, she quarrels with her boyfriend and her mother (who had promised to take her to an archery tournament). A violent thunderstorm results in her being knocked unconscious, and she wakes up to find herself in medieval Sherwood Forest.

A group of young women, armed with bows, arrows and swords greet her as “Robyn Hood”. Initially confused she eventually becomes their leader in their battle against the forces of the evil Sheriff of Nottingham (who bears a strong resemblance to Mr Smallfield).

After a series of confrontations and adventures, Robyn is captured by the Sheriff’s men and put on trial in the Nottingham marketplace. The townspeople, although initially supportive of her, are intimidated by the Sheriff’s soldiers and Robyn is condemned to be hanged for treason. Escape seems impossible.


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