The Bookstore Demons by Pamela Gervai


The bookstore demons are passionate and fiery as becomes any being of demonic nature, but these are not satanic demons.

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If you are looking for romance, you will find these beings can offer it in spades. A good time can be had by all – until such a  demon becomes ensnared. Female or male. Once committed to a relationship, is for life – and life for them is forever. Only total annihilation, or the loss of such a life-mate, can kill these otherwise immortal beings.

Over time some have made the commitment to humans. Consequently, as the human mate cannot live forever, the demon dies when they do. Understandably the demon community has dwindled in number considerably over the aeons. And this is not the only reason.

Meet the Demon Slayer, astonishingly employed by the Demon Clan itself, in Book 1: Dark Discovery. And in Book 2, Emerald’s Story, find out about the lifetime secret the demon leader is finally forced to reveal. In Book 3, Sarah’s Time, the life of a renegade demon hangs in the balance. The only way forward seems to be a way backward, until Sarah is forced to make a desperate move, with unexpected results.


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