Love Wounds by A Writer’s Plot

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Turns out romance, in our view, is a tad warped and just a little bit twisty.

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Love Wounds is a collection of short stories.
The intent was for the stories to be romance. Funny how things that appear simple aren’t. The romance diverged into an ‘as long as there is a relationship in it somewhere, it’ll be ok’  collection. This is not your average romance collection and happy endings are subjective.

The authors of these fictional stories are members of the writers workshop ‘A Writer’s Plot’ that meet fortnightly at Upper Hutt City Library, Upper Hutt, New Zealand.

The authors are:
Caro Lankow
CB Landy
Cat Connor
Cyndi Miller
David Etchells
DJ Lane
Patrick Allan
Nycki Proctor
Michael J. Gray
Lizzie Shelley
L.W. Wedgwood


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