From the Uttermost Ends of the Earth by John H Gray


The New Zealand Division on the Western Front 1916-1918: A History and Guide to Its Battlefields

Hardcover with  maps as well as black & white and colour photographs

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With the centennial of the start of World War I approaching, this is the successor to Colonel Hugh Stewarts Popular History of the Division, published 90 years ago.
The New Zealand Divisions campaign in France and Flanders was the birth of the modern New Zealand Army. At Armentieres, First Somme(with the first tanks in support), Messines, and Third Ypres it established a high reputation.
This was enhanced in its great encounter battle when it closed a gap in the British Line on the Ancre at Second Somme during the German Spring Offensive in March 1918. Following this, it was in the vanguard of the final Advance to Victory during the Last Hundred Days. This culminated in its heroic Relief of Le Quesnoy, in the Battle of the Sambre, at wars end.
Its story tells of national sacrifice. 13,467 New Zealanders died in its ranks in two and a half years; more than in all three Armed Services combined in the six years of World War II. Long in the shadow of the Gallipoli legend, the campaign in France and Belgian Flanders warrants equal prominence in New Zealand’s national conciousness. It is time to lighten that shadow.
This comprehensive military history is unique, as it also incorporates a detailed guide to the battlefields and a description of the contemporary ‘Western Front’. this is in the form of a 12 day pilgrimage diary.


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