Festival Presenters

Helen Vivienne Fletcher

Helen is a children’s and young adult author, spoken word poet and award-winning playwright. She discovered her passion for writing for young people while working as a youth support worker, and now helps children find their own passion for storytelling through her creative writing classes business, Brain Bunny Workshops. Overall Helen just loves telling stories and is always excited when people want to read or hear them.

Linda Hansen

YA author Linda Hansen also works as a storyteller and enjoys helping children act out her tales.



Ben Spies

When 9 year old Ben Spies showed a passion and skill for writing at a very young age, his parents encouraged him.

Ben’s determination to write didn’t waiver and over time his stories became more interesting and really funny! His parents were inspired by his passion for writing and wild imagination and rewarded his writing efforts by self-publishing his first book “Weirdo“. Since then he has published another book, “The Magic Pencil“.

Hamish Trolove – Project “Story Soup”

Hamish Trolove is an Engineer with possibly a touch of mad inventor.  From time to time he indulges himself with a bit of programming to create games and strangely named applications. He also enjoys story-telling games which is what lead him to develop “Story Soup”.
You can find out about his projects here: www.techmonkeybusiness.com

Grannie Laine

In her book Meg and the Pink Elephants, Grannie Laine takes her granddaughter on a voyage of discovery across land and sea.



Eileen Mueller

Dragon-tamer. Adventurer. Seeker of stars. Author, editor & marketing consultant. Writer of dragon and adventure stories – Dragons Realm; Attack on Dragons Realm; Dragon Tales; Mystic Portal

Marie Munro – Meet the author 2 July

Marie has been a writer one way or another all her life. Whether as a teacher, journalist, desktop publisher, editor of her own community newspaper, the Motueka Sun, editor of Nelson’s The Leader, or more recently, as a learning designer for the construction industry.  However, her real love is storytelling and the time has now come for her to turn the invisible, magic story book of her classroom years into visible story books not just for her grandchildren but for all youngsters. Reading from her book, “Nana’s Shed


Rachel Doragh – Meet the author (illustrator) 2 July

Rachel has always had a love of words and pictures and, after studying English Literature and Art History, found a way to bring those interests together in graphic design. She is a mother, part-time school librarian, artist and graphic designer. Rachel is responsible for the vibrant illustrations and book design of Nana’s Shed.



Michele Clark McConnochie – Book launch 4 July

Michele Clark McConnochie lives in New Zealand with her husband and step-daughter, and their two rescue-cats. She writes features for local newspapers, teaches creative writing and has been a full-time writer of children’s books since 2014.
She is Welsh but originally from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, and worked in education as a teacher and manager for over 20 years. She supports Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, and secretly she is a bit of a geek.
She hopes people will have fun reading her books, “The Uncooperative Flying Carpet”  and that they will make a difference.