Writing Competition

WP Short Story Competition –October 2019

Open to all students and adults in NZ.

There are three sections, Junior (up to and including Y8), Senior (Y9 – 13) and Adult. A winner will be picked from each section.

Entries must be written in English.

There is no minimum word count, the maximum is 5000.

All entries must be sent as word document attachments, and must be typed in a standard font, no smaller than 12 pt with lines spaced at 1.5

Please include a cover page with: Your name; Contact details (prefer email or cell phone and can be parent or guardians’ details), Title and number of words. If under 18, please add Year you are in and School. This page must be separate from your story.

Write the title at the top of each page of your story (but do not include your name) and number your pages.

SEND ENTRIES TO: WritersPlotNZ@gmail.com with “Spooky Story Competition” in the subject line

Closing date: Sunday October 27 (11.59 pm)

THEME: Spooky/Scary Story – this can be an original or a retelling with a twist. The story can be in any genre, with any POV (point of view). Make it as frightening as you can to scare your readers.

Judges’ decisions are final.

Download the competition details ‘SPOOKY OCTOBER Stories Competition’ (PDF file)

Winners will be notified via email by October 30th and announced on our social media for Halloween.

The winning stories will be published (author will retain their rights) on our website and linked via Facebook and Twitter.

Helpful hints and tips:

  • A short story is a small slice of life
  • There must be a beginning, middle, and end
  • Keep your cast of characters to a minimum (2-4 tops for a short story)
  • Read your story out loud to see if it makes sense and flows well
  • Edit your work and enlist trusted peers/teachers/family to beta read for you
  • The possibilities are endless. Let your imaginations run.

Writing Competition: The Scarf

Announcing the winners of The Scarf short story competition: Congratulations!

1st place: The One from Chatuchak Market by Nikki Crutchley
2nd place: Rose and Sharleen by Janet Pates
3rd place: Profile by Angie Barrett

Read the winning stories  the-scarf-short-stories – download the .pdf