Writing Group Stories

Links to audio and Amazon Kindle for short stories written by members of the Writers Plot Bookshop Writing Group since 2020.

Hamish Trolove talks about his Story Soup App and John MacDonald reads the short story – “The Language of Flowers” by Hamish that was created from the Story Soup App. 16/6/2022

“No place for an old woman” written by Caro Lankow, the winning entry of the 2021 Upper Hutt Library Short Story competition.

Audio of ‘No Place for an Old Woman’ by Caro Lankow

Katrina Lloyd’s short sci-fi fantasy story – “Moonlotus Tea”. An ideal society comes under threat by addictive marketing, when memory and social conscience are lost …
More of Katrina’s writing is on Amazon for Kindle.

Audio link to ‘Moonlotus Tea’ by Katrina (Peril) Lloyd

A feel-good NZ short story from Upper Hutt writer Caro Lankow “Moving On” plus the poem is from Lower Hutt’s Katrina Lloyd – “If a Witch”.

A fantasy short story satire “A Muggle Mystery Tour” by Lower Hutt’s Katrina Lloyd as read by John MacDonald.

Audio link to ‘A Muggle Mystery Tour’ by Katrina Lloyd

A sci-fi short story from Katrina (Peril) Lloyd “A Fairytale Ending” read by John MacDonald.
Read more of her work on Kindle.

Audio link to ‘A Fairytale Ending’ by Peril Lloyd

A fun zombie story ‘All Blacks Loose to Australia – Should We Panic?’ by Hamish Trolove. Read by John MacDonald.
This story is available on Amazon for Kindle.