Writing Groups

Interested in writing? Love to write? Need some inspiration or motivation? 

Then join one of our two Writing Groups!
1) every 3rd Saturday of the month at 11 am
2) every week for 6 weeks Thursdays at 11 am

  • Talk with other writers and get feedback from the group.
  • What do you need from a writing group? Maybe we can help.
  • All welcome. Refreshments provided. $5. 

What do we do at the Saturday group?

Each month, everyone has time to read their story – usually based on the challenge from the last week.

We then discuss the theme for the session, handouts are provided (also emailed out within the week) and a writing challenge given, based on the theme covered.

These themes are based on requests from attendees or information found on writing blogs and podcasts. Links provided.

Can’t make it to Upper Hutt for the group but would like to join?

Check out our membership section on Ko-fi

You can join us remotely, practise writing and developing your skills with us. There are three membership levels depending on how involved you want to become.

What have the members of the writing group been doing?

  1. Writing
    The more we practise, the better we will become.

  2. Building confidence with our writing
    It’s all about practice and extending yourself.

  3. Resulting in – Writing short stories and poems for ‘The Hutt Zone’ programme on Wellington Access radio.
    Some of these short stories are available on Amazon for Kindle.
    Links to these stories are on the Writing Group Stories page.